uci approved frames list

The uci approved frames list is a list of bicycle frames that are approved under the regulations of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). This list is particularly important for professional cyclists and those participating in UCI-sanctioned events, as it helps to ensure that bicycles used comply with the relevant safety and competitive standards set out by the UCI.

In order to be included in the uci approved frames list, a frame must be approved by the UCI Technical Regulations. These regulations include specific requirements related to the frame’s structure and materials, the design of particular elements, and the overall quality of the frame. According to the regulations, all frames must have a main triangle made of steel, aluminium, titanium, or “other material approved by the UCI”, along with dimensions that meet specific requirements for length, width, and height.

The uci approved frames list also includes bicycles with specific frame components that have been approved by the organisation. These components can include forks, handlebars, and pedals, as well as aerodynamic elements like chain stays and chainrings. The UCI Regulations for Approved Frames dictate that all claimed aerodynamic features of these components must be tested and verified before being included in the approved frames list. All of these components must also meet certain fixed weight thresholds and must feature no sliding elements that could create an aerodynamic advantage.

In addition to the structural and aerodynamic requirements of a frame, the uci approved frames list also includes specifications for certain frame colours and decals that must be approved by the UCI. These specifications include a requirement for frames to either be of a single colour – such as white, black, or grey – or to be two-toned so as to feature an “ultimate, 3D effect”. Additionally, any decals or stickers featured on the frame must be approved by the UCI and must remain in place throughout every stage of competition.

Finally, the uci approved frames list also contains a number of other requirements with regards to the frame’s overall construction. For example, the frame must be made of only new and unused stage-legal materials and must be produced with the use of traditional hand tools. The frame must also not include any removable elements that could be used for the purpose of adjusting the frame’s shape or stiffness.

In summary, the uci approved frames list serves as an important resource for cyclists and provides a valuable assurance that all frames used in UCI-sanctioned events are compliant with the organisation’s safety and performance standards. It is important to note that frames must meet certain criteria before being included in the uci approved frames list, and it is strongly recommended that cyclists ensure their frame is in compliance with all applicable regulations before use.

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